Spotify is Finally Working on Playing your Own MP3s on your Device

Last Updated: December 7, 2020

Spotify is working on a lot of new stuff. One of them is eagerly awaited, it is to be able to play music files stored directly on your device, without going through synchronization.

spotify local music Spotify is Finally Working on Playing your Own MP3s on your Device

Spotify continues its path as a music and podcast service, independent from tech giants like Apple and Google. The service has recently gained attention for some of its experiments, including the idea of ​​adding stories, as all other services on the web have done before with more or less relevance. While this addition may cringe, there is one more that is quite eagerly awaited by Spotify users: playing local files.


It is once again Jane Manchun Wong who reveals this information. It’s a great resource when it comes to finding out ahead of time about upcoming new features that would be integrated into popular applications.

She discovered that Spotify offered a new feature on some Android devices that allowed playback of local files – that is, files stored directly on the smartphone itself. Until now, Spotify required these songs to be synchronized with a PC, as the service has always been very oriented towards streaming. Unlike the late Google Play Music, Spotify still does not allow you to save your own songs online if they are not present in the service’s giant library.

This new feature should soon be deployed on the general version of Spotify and it will have to be activated in the application settings under the “import” section. Then all you have to do is store the songs on your smartphone to play them from Spotify as if it were a regular music player.

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