YouTube New Download Feature – Speculations, Reality, and Premium Services

Last Updated: December 23, 2020

Living at the growing edge of technology, everybody is aware of how digitization is changing the world. One of the popular embodiment of digitization is YouTube. The video-sharing platform was founded in February 2005, it now represents 2 Billion logged in users each month. In the years past, YouTube has added more features to enhance user experience. Featuring live video option and backend downloads, users have greater freedom to enjoy the content on the platform. A similar initiative is reportedly taking place that allows users to download videos across devices.

YouTube New Download Feature

For app users, YouTube’s download feature lets you download the video for a certain period of time. Although you can enjoy the video while traveling and save data, this feature has some limitations. Users can’t download videos from certain regions. Lately, Netizens have spotted a cross-device service that YouTube took off within an hour. The feature lets YouTube Premium users download videos by linking the account with the primary device. Upon meddling a little with YouTube Premium, there is an option in the settings tab.

YouTube New Download Feature

YouTube premium feature allows certain benefits to its users. The premium subscription can be bought on monthly basis at 11.99$ per month. This offer brings special freedom in exchange for a cost to premium users. If you’re a YouTube app user, you must have wished that the songs or video can be played with the app minimized. The premium feature gives access to ad-free content including movies and paid content. Also, users can play the song while leaving the application in the background.

The cross-device service was taken down immediately, but there are no official reports on the release. Although the app is a free platform, the community sends severe criticism on paying for the service that builds on free content offering.

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