CES 2021: Mercedes unveils a “hyper-screen” of 55 inches

Last Updated: January 7, 2021


Launched in 2018 (with the A-Class), the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (or MBUX) takes on a new dimension in the CES 2021 with the Hyperscreen!

It is indeed a huge curved screen of 141 cm, on board the EQS.

CES 2021: A “Hyperscreen” aboard the Mercedes EQS

After a V2 of its MBUX aboard the new S-class, Mercedes is taking a further step with its Hyperscreen, which will be available as an option on the EQS.

ces 2021 mercedes display 1 CES 2021: Mercedes unveils a "hyper-screen" of 55 inches

According to the manufacturer, the Hyperscreen is “an example of a digital/analog design merger: multiple screens seem to blend seamlessly, resulting in an impressive curved screen band. “In fact, this allows you to enjoy a 55” (or 1.41 m!) display on board which includes the instrumentation, the central console and a screen for the passenger.

The screen is in fact large enough to also allow the passenger to have his own display and control area. Everything uses OLED technology and will display a myriad of information, including the EV display to know everything about its electric driving.

An ever smarter MBUX

Mercedes promises an MBUX system smarter than ever which will take care of offering various suggestions to the driver, according to his habits. For example, if the driver of the EQS regularly uses the massage function according to the hot stone principle in winter, the system automatically registers and suggests the comfort function in case of winter temperatures.

The huge touchscreen has a total of 12 actuators that provide haptic feedback. On the design side, Mercedes promises a curved silicon silicate glass, to resist (as much as possible) scratches. To liven it up, we will find here an 8-core processor and no less than 24 GB of RAM.

Remember that the EQS will be the first Mercedes vehicle designed as an electrc car.

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