Intel to Entrust Production of Atom and Xeon Processors to TSMC

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

The track of outsourcing the production of certain Intel processors is confirmed with a job posting listing several families of processors for which TSMC would be responsible.

INTEL xeon and atom to TCMS Intel to Entrust Production of Atom and Xeon Processors to TSMC

Usually a processor designer and founder, Intel should entrust part of the production of its processors (but also of its new line of dedicated GPUs) to a third-party founder to put an end to the problem of shortage associated with the delay in commissioning its engravings in 10 nm and 7 nm and which forced them to stretch the cycle of their engraving in 14 nm.

The possibility of going through a founder for certain components has already been mentioned and constitutes a track mentioned by Intel but so far not very detailed.

intel xeon tsmc Intel to Entrust Production of Atom and Xeon Processors to TSMC

We know that TSMC is the most likely the founder to take over part of the production of Intel’s chips, but a job offer reveals a little more. It mentions Atom and Xeon processors produced using Intel and TSMC etching techniques, giving for the first time an idea of ​​what’s to come.

Until now, it is especially the Intel Xe-HPG GPUs that will be at the heart of future gaming graphics cards that seemed to be affected by this production outsourcing but the Taiwanese founder would therefore also find himself in charge of specialized processors with Atom used for platforms for 5G base stations (Snow Ridge unveiled in 2019 and a future Grand Ridge) and Xeon for server processors.

The details remain meager and nothing is indicated on the engraving node that TSMC would use but Tom’s Hardware anticipates, in view of the period of this outsourcing, a possible engraving in 5 nm.

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