Turkish authorities Probe Facebook’s move to collect WhatsApp data

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

The Turkish Competition Board has launched an investigation into WhatsApp and its owner Facebook Inc after WhatsApp’s new updated terms are forcing users to agree to let Facebook collect user data including phone numbers and locations. probe

This comes due to the announcement made last week by WhatsApp about their new terms of conditions that would allow Facebook and its subsidiaries to access and collect user’s data and information. You can read the full story here. The deadline for agreeing to the new terms is February 8th.

In a written statement, the Competition Board said it ruled the data-collection requirement should be suspended until the probe is complete.

“The Competition Board has opened an investigation into Facebook and WhatsApp and suspended the requirement to share Whatsapp data,” it said.

Rival messaging apps Signal and Telegram have since seen a sudden increase in demand.

According to Reuters, Turkey’s government has targeted social media companies with new restrictions and fines since it passed a law in July that reinforces local oversight of the foreign firms.

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