LG to Present New Transparent Screens at CES 2021

Last Updated: December 31, 2020


In the subway, at the restaurant or even at home, LG Display wants to impose its technology of OLED transparent screens.

LG Display, a panel manufacturing subsidiary of the LG group, announces that it will be demonstrating the use of transparent OLED screens at CES 2021, although the event will be held exclusively online.

Large transparent screens that does not take up space at the foot of the bed

LG Display explains that its transparent OLED screen technology can be applied to many everyday uses. The brand will present a connected bed equipped with a frame at its foot. This accommodates a 55-inch Transparent OLED panel that rises from the frame at the push of a button and comes in just as easily when you no longer need it.

The screen can display information (time, weather …) as well as TV content in “different screen ratios without compromising its clear image quality which does not rely on the backlight”. The Cinematic Sound OLED audio system also eliminates the need for external speakers. The bed frame housing the screen can be moved anywhere in the house as needed.

At the restaurant or in the metro

lg transparent screen ces 2021 LG to Present New Transparent Screens at CES 2021

A use of this same 55-inch transparent panel has also been imagined in a sushi restaurant to display information on the menu. The transparency effect makes it possible to consult the screen without being cut off from the people who are on the other side of the screen. And while waiting for the order to arrive, it is possible to watch film or TV program type content.

Last example cited by LG Display, the integration of such a screen in the metro or in a train. Users will then be able to consult information on journeys, lines, weather, news, while retaining the possibility of observing what is happening outside since the transparent screen has to replace the windows. The manufacturer does not talk about it, but we imagine that these screens could of course be very useful for displaying advertising.


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