Samsung begins mass producing OLED panels for laptops

Last Updated: January 21, 2021

OLED panels are the next-generation display technology for laptops and they have been around for a while now, even though they came with a number of trade-offs.

Notebooks launched with OLED screens suffered from high power consumption and ghosting issues. However, Samsung promises it has resolved those and is now mass producing 90Hz OLEDs for laptops.

The higher quantity of OLED displays will be utilized by multiple notebook manufacturers and they would offer 10x better response time than other OLEDs and are on par with their 120Hz LCD counterparts. The panels are said to be 14″ but resolution and aspect ratios aren’t mentioned.

Given the size and the fact that they cap at 90Hz, we suspect they will end up in standard business or commercial laptops and not gaming ones. We will know for sure soon as Samsung says announcements are close.

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