OnePlus Concept Smartphone with Electrochromic Glass

Last Updated: December 23, 2020

How do you see Next-Gen smartphones to be? Well, OnePlus Concept One is going to set the benchmark for the Smartphone industry. OnePlus used electrochromic glass on the camera. Call it a trick or what, but the glass changes its shade from opaque to transparent. The triple camera stays behind the glass which controls the amount of light. OnePlus doesn’t seem to launch the smartphone anytime soon. So what is the purpose of this glass and how does It work? Let’s get some insights into the function and purpose of electrochromic glass.

OnePlus Concept Phone With Color Changing Glass

Electrochromic glass is widely in use for commercial applications. You may have seen curtain walls, airplanes, and other commercial entities using the glass. Electrochromic glasses isn’t something new, it is used for clear visual support and reduce energy cost. The glass blocks the amount of light either completely or partially and reduces consumption for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Vivo Color Changing SmartPhone

Manufacturers have liked the idea of this aesthetically appealing outlook that electrochromic glass gives. Lately, a video is seen circulating of a smartphone using the same technology. A video posted on Weibo surfacing Nubia’s Red Magic phone with an electrochromic glass. The glass turned transparent revealing the circuitry of the device with a tap and vice versa. However, it is unclear whether the device is a concept or Nubia’s Red Magic 5s. However, Compared to Vivo that employed the tech, but with different colors, it needs improvements. For Vivo, the colors were seen smoothly changing between blue and silver.

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