TikTok and Instagram Videos Will Appear on Google Search

Last Updated: December 31, 2020


To be able to capture the time spent by users on TikTok and Instagram Videos, Google has just come up with a new idea. And why not grab public content, which Instagram and TikTok allow to share on other platforms, directly in Google search results?

A new beta version of the app has just revealed the news. At this time, the feature is only available to a limited number of people and only for certain keywords like NFL, the North American Football League. In the future, however, this integration could become more widespread. Are you okay with having your videos available on Google?

TikTok and Instagram Videos: A completely legal integration for Google

tiktok and instagram on google search TikTok and Instagram Videos Will Appear on Google Search

On paper, nothing prevents Google from adding these short videos to its search results. In fact, the Instagram and TikTok platforms offer this content in public confidentiality, and the videos can be shared on other social networks. To date, only the Snapchat social network has remained closed to its own ecosystem and it is not possible to share the stories on other platforms. But even he would seek to change his policy.

Google is therefore content to retrieve content that TikTok and Instagram allow to share. The only novelty, which could potentially change habits, is the very inclusion of content in search results that can be viewed without redirecting us to the applications in question.

This could be similar to the tool for watching a YouTube video without being on the platform. In the end, the user will still use the video player of the application that hosts them, and nothing will really be “stolen” from Instagram or TikTok.

These videos will join a similar integration on the Twitter side, which began in 2015. Here again, Google had gone through a phase of experimentation, but it only lasted two weeks. In reaction to the announcement, Twitter mentioned Google, saying, “We are feeling lucky.” After businesses and websites, will Google also become essential for social media?

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