Spider-Man Miles Morales: 60fps with Ray-Traceing is NOW Possible!

Last Updated: December 9, 2020

The recent Spider-Man Miles Morales update on PS5 has a little surprise in store with a very awaited update!


Insomniac Games has rolled out Spider-Man Miles Morales update 1.007.001, which not only fixes a few bugs and stability issues, but also brings a new graphics mode to enjoy the game at 60 frames per second with the ray tracing enabled on PS5.

In fact, in the graphics options, it is now possible to choose between three types of renderings (against two previously).

Spider-Man Miles Morales: a new PS5 update

Available for a few days now, Spider-Man Miles Morales is part of the titles of the line-up of the new Sony PS5. Since its launch, the game has offered two display modes, namely Quality and Performance.

However, since a few hours and a new update 1.007, it is possible to enjoy a third display mode on PS5.

The game in 60 fps and ray-tracing

Spider Man Miles Morales Spider-Man Miles Morales: 60fps with Ray-Traceing is NOW Possible!

Thus, in addition to the Quality mode, which gives pride of place to ray-tracing and 4K, but at 30 fps, and the Performance mode, which offers a lower resolution, no ray-tracing, but 60 fps, we can today opt for the “Performance RT” mode.

The latter promises to render the game in 60 frames per second, while allowing the player to take advantage of the precious ray-tracing. This is excellent news for players, who can configure Miles Morales on PS5 as they wish, according to their affinities.

As a reminder, the new Spider-Man Miles Morales update 1.007 is available now and requires a download of just over 260MB.

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