Last Updated: December 22, 2020

PUBG is the Battle Royale Game that the gaming community loves the most. In continuation to keep the gaming community featured with the latest updates. PUBG has rolled out a 1.2 beta version of the game for Smartphone users. This update aims to recreate and enhance the gaming experience of players.  Although the details of the game aren’t revealed, the file is available in APK format to download. The developers continue to bring smoothness and the latest resources to the game. With new modes and challenging features, the gameplay becomes more challenge yet fun. In an effort to make the game more inclusive, PUBG lately introduced Cheer Park in the game.

PUBG Mobile Beta Version

The test field features instant fun to try out weapons with different attachments. Players can invite each other for a quick dead shot match. The global Beta version seems to bring improvements in frame rate and might introduce new weapons. By deploying anti-hack measures, the gaming community can take a sigh of relief. If you’re getting up the new beta version of PUBG mobile. We suggest you expect some performance difference as it is obvious in such updates. The current version of PUBG mobile features a Metro Exodus Novel-inspired gameplay with the freedom to download the resources that you deem necessary.

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