Xbox consoles now supports YouTube HDR content

Last Updated: January 22, 2021

HDR support on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles is finally being enabled by Youtube. The HDR support works across existing Xbox One S / X devices and also on the new consoles; Xbox Series X and Series S. As long as you have a TV or monitor capable of displaying HDR videos, the YouTube app will now automatically switch to output HDR content if the content supports it.

The YouTube app on Xbox has never supported HDR previously, despite HDR being available on the PlayStation 4 since 2019. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X launched in November without YouTube HDR support, and it’s still not available on the PS5 yet — a step back from what was available on PS4.

If you want to confirm or be sure if HDR is working correctly, you can do it from the YouTube app on Xbox by enabling the “stats for nerds”. Some TVs will also display an HDR prompt or switch to HDR mode when content is played.

Take notice that the app will only output HDR content if the content supports it, meaning that Non-HDR videos will not be converted or outputted to HRD. HDR content on youtube has been increasing for the latest years, but still most o the content on the platform does not support HDR.

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