Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age): two important new departures announced

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

Bioware continues its transformation, and announces two important departures, including that of Casey Hudson, one of the thinking heads of the studio.

bioware new departure Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age): two important new departures announced

New starts at Bioware. The studio behind the Mass Effect and Dragon Age sagas announces the departure of Casey Hudson, the General Manager, as well as Mark Darrah, executive producer of the future Dragon Age 4. This is the second time that Casey Hudson has left Bioware ( the first time was in 2014), when he was called to Anthem’s bedside in 2017, whose development took place in pain.


In a post on the developer’s blog, Laura Miele, Head of Electronic Arts Studios, thanks the two men for their dedication over the past few years, and announces the appointment of Samantha Ryan to oversee Bioware, while it is Christian Dailey, a Blizzard alumnus, who will oversee the development of the next Dragon Age. Mike Gamble remains in his position to develop the future Mass Effect, whose still embryonic work has just started.

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Casey Hudson explains her departure with a desire to “put her energy” into “something different”:

I don’t know exactly what in yet, but I know that I want to start rediscovering my creative passion through more personal work. Casey hudson

Mark Darrah, who is a history of Bioware – he has been present there since the 90s – explains for his part to have confidence in the future of the studio, and that of Dragon Age, “which is in good hands”:

I believe this will be an opportunity to make new voices heard. To reinvent the way we work. To strengthen our way of telling stories. Mark Darrah

He further says he’s impressed with the upcoming Mass Effect, directed by Mike Gamble:

Mass Effect also has an exciting future. I can’t say too much, but I’m in awe of the evolution Mike Gamble envisions and can’t wait to see where it goes.


BioWare Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age): two important new departures announced

More generally, and according to some information, these departures, in particular, that of Mark Darrah, are the result of several changes in the development of Bioware projects.

Sources wishing to remain anonymous confirmed to the media several weeks ago a soft-reboot of Dragon Age 4 (whose name is not official), intervened this summer – the second in two years. Added to this is also the complicated and slow redesign of Anthem, a real failure of Bioware in 2019.

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