Apple Watch: The Firm Would Put Batteries in the Bracelet to Boost Autonomy

Last Updated: December 24, 2020

The Apple Watch may soon be accompanied by a bracelet equipped with several small batteries. In order to catch up in the field of autonomy, Apple has developed a flexible bracelet lined with accumulators.


Since their arrival on the market in 2015, the range of Apple Watch has suffered from an autonomy below the competition. Users must imperatively go through the recharging box every evening to prevent the smartwatch from going into Power Reserve mode. After this mode is activated, Apple Watch cannot communicate with the iPhone. It therefore simply displays the time (like a classic watch).

In the test of the Apple Watch Series 6, the manufacturer’s latest high-end smartwatch, the latter was able to last 2 days by limiting the use. Opposite, the Android competition provides smartwatches offering several weeks of battery life. This is particularly the case with Honor’s Watch GS Pro or the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. These two watches offer an autonomy of around 14 days. Obviously, the Apple Watch consumes more power because it offers more features than its rivals.

Increase battery life without enlarging the Apple Watch case

Determined to catch up with the competition, Apple is reportedly considering to include batteries in bracelets compatible with future Apple Watches. On December 1, a patent to this innovation was published in the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


The Californian giant describes a watch strap that contains a series of integrated batteries. This bracelet wrapped in accumulators arranged next to each other would allow Apple to provide additional battery life for the Watch. In this way, the company compensates for the reduced size battery that is integrated into the watch without increasing the thickness of the case.

Despite these built-in batteries, the bracelet described by Apple’s patent is not rigid. In order to offer a flexible and comfortable bracelet to wear around the wrist, the Cupertino company has developed a special seal technology. In fact, the bracelet would still be able to flex around the wrist. At this time, there is no indication that Apple really intends to exploit the technologies described in the patent. Indeed, Apple sometimes files patents in order to secure the use of a technology and put obstacles on the wheels of the competition.

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