Lastest XBOX Series and Games

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

If you’ve come across the smoking images of Xbox on Twitter, that’s one hell of confusion. However, that’s just some gimmick from Xbox users. This is the time for XBOX fans, the console is in the market already and you can settle for the groove in gaming. The XBOX is released in two generations known as Gen X and Gen S. Both of the gaming consoles feature the latest function, improved designs, and a backward compatible library. Xbox X and S are equipped with a custom AMD processor with 8 cores. Similarly, the console vary in terms of RAM and Graphic specification. The Series-X has 16GB GDDR 6 RAM while the stablemate is equipped with 10GB of RAM. While the graphical unit for the former is 12TFLOPS and 4 TFLOPS for series S.


That’s something a little exciting for Xbox fans, but what good are these specifications for if you don’t get to play some really fun and exciting games. With Xbox-X and S, you can try some pretty amazing and latest games.

Try playing Destiny-2 on your series X and S. The gameplay is full of the latest features, maps from our solar system, and powerful character with elemental abilities. The gameplay is available with downloadable content and a base game featuring missions and improved graphics available via the latest game pass.

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The game pass features tens of games including the sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest. Will of the Wisp would entirely a new experience you’re going to enjoy. The game incorporates high-definition graphics and the best resolution that’s meant to be experienced firsthand.

Strategy and tactical games are everyone’s favorite, and DRAKE HOLLOW gives an unprecedented experience of role-playing and tactical gameplay. With improved graphics and every single detail focuses on character and skillsets with varying complexity levels. You’ll have an entirely unique experience, unlike a regular game genere.



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