Amazon in talks to buy ‘Wondery’ Podcast Network

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

Amazon the giant corporation owned by Jeff Bezos as entered the Podcast world by acquiring “Wondery”, one of the last major independent podcast networks that is well-known for true crime podcasts like “Dirty John”.

Wondery might turn out to be part of Amazon Music, which launched podcast support for the platform in September this year.

Both companies announced an acquisition deal today that is still in the works, this can mean the ending of the speculation about who might eventually buy the network, as Apple and Sony were also in the conversation to possibly purchase the company.

No acquisition price has been disclosed so far either by Amazon or Wondery, according to Initials reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggested Wondery is valued for at least $300 million.

Insiders analytics think this is a notable acquisition by Amazon, as it sets the company up to better compete against Spotify, which is one of the main players in this industry, with a well-known podcast like “The Joe Rogan Experience“, and they have been acquiring networks and particular talents for over a year.

According to Amazon, acquiring “Wondery” doesn’t change existing shows, as they will still be available through “a variety of providers.” Amazon expects that buying Wondery will “accelerate the growth and evolution of podcasts by bringing creators, hosts, and immersive experiences to even more listeners across the globe.”

This can mean that some existing shows will not be exclusive to ‘Wondery’, this is good news for some users that use other providers to listen to Some of the Amazon podcasts.

Interestingly, Audible which is another Amazon-owned company that creates its own exclusive podcasts was not mentioned in this press release. One might wonder how will Audible fit in this acquisition as they recently launched a cheaper price tier specifically for people who want to hear Audible exclusives.

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