The Great Conjunction – A Rare Astronomical Phenomenon

Last Updated: December 22, 2020

The universe exhibits hundreds of Astronomical phenomenon, and the Great Conjunction is the rarest of them. 2 Planets and 4 moons, the celestial sight was seen around the world on the 21st December 2020. Also called the Christmas star, this rare event got the Astro-community out on Monday night. A similar phenomenon last appeared in 1226. Conjunction in the field of Astronomy is defined as the closeness of 2 objects observable from earth. The event shall not be seen again until 2080. This planetary alignment happens in centuries followed by the belief of biblical magi.

The Great Conjunction

For those who have missed the great conjunction, they can head out and experience as the planets will likely stay closed. Many photographers created a setup to take photographs of this phenomenon. Setting up the camera and positioning skills produces a more defined image. The double planet is clear to the naked eye. Some Astronomy lovers suggest that this phenomenon may have been the cause of the bright sky thousands of years back.

According to some astronomers and theology experts, this event is regarded as the one that led the 3 kings/wise man to Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. The 2 largest planets coming closer to each other is an unseen phenomenon in the past 800 years.

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