Rebuilding Visual Perception

Last Updated: December 6, 2020

Sight or the ability to see is an undeniable blessing. Do you know how the eye identifies what it sees? As the light strikes, photoreceptors turn this light into electrical signals. The brain receives this signal and turns it into an image. Many people can’t see like us because of losing sight. However, engineers and scientists begin to have some answers for this. A latest study shows effective results that’ll help to regain vision.¬† The study conducted on monkeys aims to bring practical and routine use of technology. The perception of position, direction, including motion demnostrates in monkeys. Although there is a lot of development needs exist, the technology will bring back vision.

Rebuilding Vision

In a recent study, several array and approximately 1000 electrodes were used to generate phospenes. It is a sensation that produces directly by stimulating visual system. An interface created and visual space that maps on the area of cortex. This is how a type of simulation allows to produce phosphine at certain points in space. The monkeys were able to respond to stimulus. Monkeys identified  positions, and orientation of phosphenes. The study follows signals sending by electrodes and trained monkeys. The purpose of training monkeys with letters was helpful to identify response to phospene.  Although there response of monkeys was positive by eye movements, there are still many challenges. Limitations arise due to complexity and potential damage or discomfort. These processes are complex, but with better understanding and technology, the process has potential to deliver promising results.

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