Space-X’s SN-8 Starship Explosion

Last Updated: December 17, 2020

With Elon Musk’s ambitions, the technological landscape is building opportunities every single day. Whether it is Tesla’s Electric Car or Self Sustaining Tunnel, Musk aims to go under, above, and beyond the ground. The inception of SPACE-X is the embodiment of building NextGen space technology. Lately, the SN-8 took off the cost of Space-X’s R&D site in Texas. The Starship takes off from Boca Chica and made the climb to what is estimated about 12.5 KM. This 160-foot tall spaceship launched unmanned as a part of the test flight. Elon Musk announced through a tweet earlier, that the odds of the safe landing of SN-8 are 1/3.

SpaceX's Starship SN8 roars to life ahead of debut launch

The ship took off at 4:40 PM, US central time, and completed the climb. Upon returning, the prototype exploded into fumes and smoke. What seems to be the cause of the explosion is its fuel system. Elon Musk said the explosion happened due to the rocket’s fuel system. Elon Musk and the Team remain high spirited to quickly learn from errors and take immediate actions.

Several Starship prototypes have been destroyed during pressure testing. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the prototype bears pressure under fueling and in flight. What initially seems to be the reason is the shutdown of SN-8 1 out of 3 engines. However, that didn’t seem to affect the maneuverability of spacecraft. With all the 3 engines shutdown, the spacecraft angles itself at decent.

SpaceX Starship SN8's partly successful test flight ends in a fiery  explosion - Inceptive Mind

Musk describes this as a spacecraft landing method where it mimics a skydiver falling through. The concept of landing as described by Elon Musk is an expected 60 degrees tilt. A fully functional spacecraft tilts and puts its belly down the earth to reduce its speed and make it less aerodynamic. Before landing, the spacecraft quickly maneuvers back into an upright position and lands gently on the pad. Several pressure and hop test remaining, making a fully functional spacecraft for Space-X is still far. However, this Ethos of Elon and Team doesn’t seem to slow down the endeavors.

SpaceX will stream potentially fireworks-filled Starship test flight - CNET

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